2025 BMW X3: First Official Look


With 350,000 units delivered in 2023, the outgoing X3 was the best-selling BMW. Despite being around since 2017, the luxury crossover proved to be more popular than the quintessential 3 Series Sedan. The German premium brand isn’t resting on its laurels since a replacement model is weeks away from being officially revealed.

But first, a little preview. Images of camouflaged prototypes show the plug-in hybrid and M Performance derivatives. The hot one is going to feature a quad exhaust system, a trait previously reserved for the actual M cars. The X1 M35i and X2 M35i were the first M Lite models to adopt the more aggressive setup, and now the larger not-quite X3 M is following suit.

The high-performance X3 is likely moving away from its “M40i” designation to make way for “M50.” Yes, without the “i” at the end. Rumor has it the posh crossover will be BMW’s first gasoline model to drop the last letter, which for decades has referenced fuel injection. However, the diesels are retaining the “d” while the plug-in hybrids are keeping the “e.”

Speaking of the electrified model, it won’t be coming to the United States, at least not initially. That’s disappointing to hear since BMW says the new X3 (xDrive30e?) will have an upgraded battery with more usable energy for extra electric range.

Known internally by its “G45” codename, the 2025 BMW X3 hides a sleeker body underneath that swirly camouflage. The Bavarian marque has lowered the drag coefficient from 0.29 to 0.27 to improve fuel efficiency. It has a wider track compared to the outgoing “G01” generation, along with a reduced lift at the rear axle. The engineers were able to increase rigidity and adopt upgraded anti-roll bars for a more engaging ride, without negatively impacting ride comfort.

At an additional cost, the new X3 will be offered with an optional adaptive chassis featuring electronically controlled shock absorbers. Other changes include a more direct steering ratio for greater comfort and the latest in safety and driver assistance technology. BMW is confident the revamped X3 will pass all Euro NCAP crash tests with flying colors.

Expect a simplified dashboard layout with only a few conventional buttons. You’ll be accessing most functions through the touchscreen, as seen in nearly all other BMWs on sale today. Considering the new X1 is a lot bigger than it used to be, at 177.2 inches long, chances are the X3 is growing as well to maintain a safe distance between the two crossovers.

A new iX3 is still planned, but it’ll be significantly different than the X3. Coming next year, the EV will be underpinned by BMW’s much-hyped Neue Klasse platform. The versions featuring a combustion engine are sticking to the tried-and-tested CLAR bones. The two crossovers are going to look significantly different, especially inside where the iX3 will have a completely new dashboard with the tenth-generation iDrive.

BMW previewed the future iX3 recently with the Vision Neue Klasse X. The concept had a large central screen and no driver’s display. Instead, a head-up display extended from one corner of the windshield to the other. The zero-emission crossover due in 2025 will lose the iDrive dial we mentioned earlier. We reckon it’ll be more spacious than the ICE model thanks to the dedicated EV underpinnings with an extended wheelbase made possible after shaving off the overhands. A front trunk has been mooted, but nothing is official yet.

Meanwhile, the next X3 with gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrid power is coming in a few weeks and will be going on sale before the end of the year.

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