At $48,795, The All-Electric Prologue Is Honda’s Most Expensive Car Ever


Honda on Thursday announced pricing and an EPA-rated range estimate for its all-electric Prologue SUV, confirming a starting price of $48,795 (including $1,395 destination) and a maximum range of 296 miles.

The Prologue will be available in five trims, with single-motor front-wheel drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive models available. If you want to get the most range for your money, you’ll have to go for either the EX or the Touring models with front-wheel drive. Adding AWD to either trim will cost you $3,000 extra, and remove 15 miles of range, according to the EPA. The top-of-the-line Prologue Elite starts at $59,295 and comes with all-wheel drive as standard. It’s rated at 273 miles of range by the EPA, the least of any trim. Presumably, this is thanks to a specific wheel and tire package that saps range. Honda declined to clarify when reached by Motor1 via email.

It’s worth noting the Prologue is priced far below its closest sibling, the $56,715 Chevrolet Blazer EV. That car uses the same battery pack but comes with its single motor at the rear, rather than the front. It’s also rated at 324 miles of range, 30 miles more than the Honda.

Here’s a full breakdown of the trims and pricing for the Prologue:

Trim Drive Configuration MSRP w/ Destination EPA Rating On A Full Charge EPA MPGe Ratings City/Hwy/Combined
EX Single Motor (2WD) $48,795 296 Miles 107/91/99
EX Dual Motor (AWD) $51,795 281 Miles 101/88/95
Touring Single Motor (2WD) $53,095 296 Miles 107/91/99
Touring Dual Motor (AWD) $56,095 281 Miles 101/88/95
Elite Dual Motor (AWD) $59,295 273 Miles 99/84/92

Prologues equipped with the single front-mounted electric motor are rated at 212 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque, while dual-motor AWD versions get 288 hp and 333 lb-ft of torque. No matter which trim you go for, the motors are powered by an 85-kWh lithium-ion Ulitum battery pack sourced from General Motors. There’s also multi-link suspension at all four corners.

Honda is ensuring no Prologue buyer is wanting for charging options, offering them a choice between three different charging benefit packages upon delivery. All three options include different amounts of credits to EVgo and Electrify America stations, with buyers having the choice to include different types of charging kits or a credit towards the installation of a home charger as needed.

Here’s a full breakdown of the benefits available:

Prologue Charging Packages Option A Option B Option C
Charging Equipment Home charging station (level 2) Portable charging kit (level 1 and 2)
Installation Credit $500 $250
EVgo Charging Credit $100 $300 $750
Electrify America Introductory Charging 60 kWh 60 kWh 60 kWh

Honda says deliveries of the Prologue will begin in March. 

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