Golf and Biliard for Kids


Golf:Enjoy and play mini golf game in a cartoon style! Complete all 18 holes, and sign you score the best in this fun cartoon Mini Golf game.In top view carton style, enjoy putting the green in this obstacle laden mini golf course.So bring out the golfer in You in this exciting mini golf game; it’s perfect to relax on the green after a day of hard work or play.Avoid the obstacles, find the shortest and easiest path to the hole, just make sure your ball finds the hole with the flag in this awesome beautiful Mini Golf game; it’s very suitable for all Baby and KidsProduct feature bullets:• Realistic Golf ball physics• Great gameplay• Intuitive touch controls• One finger to play• 18 different Courses• Cute graphics and cool soundsBiliard:This is a classic “simplified” version of pool, it’s very suitable for all Kids,the game is very simple fun and addictive, you must put all balls in the holes!Product feature bullets:• Realistic pool ball physics• Endless gameplay• Intuitive touch controls• Five different billiards tables• Great graphics and sounds


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