The Rivian R3X might not be the only rugged-looking model in the brand’s lineup. A trademark filing has surfaced with the automaker claiming rights to the R1X name, suggesting it could produce an off-road version of the Rivian R1T and R1S.

Automakers big and small have found success in offering performance versions of their crossovers and SUVs, which often include extra cladding, chunkier tires, and a raised ride height. All three attributes were front and center on the R3X that stole the show at the R2’s launch, and we’d expect an R1X to adopt similar styling upgrades.

Rivian could help the R1X further stand out from the rest of the lineup with a unique powertrain configuration and special software features. It might even have new bumpers to improve the approach and departure angles if it’s destined for the trails. A patent filing from the company back in April 2023 (above) shows what a possible R1X might look like.

The company could even outfit it with the bedside storage system it patented last year. While such features aren’t new on trucks, Rivian’s displayed several unique fold-down configurations that’d be a perfect fit for a rugged off-roader. Its patented camp kitchen would also be an excellent addition.

Like many trademark filings, there’s a chance Rivian never uses the name, and this move is only to protect its intellectual property. However, expanding the R1 lineup to include a dedicated performance vehicle seems natural for the company. It only sells the R1T pickup and R1S today, and the new R2 won’t go on sale for another two years.

We don’t know when Rivian plans to launch the R3 and R3X, but an R1X could spruce up the lineup until those arrive. The company has ambitious plans to grow in the coming years, and expanding its lineup is key to that, especially the smaller, more affordable R2.


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