American restomod firm Singer will reveal its new DLS at next week’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The carbonfibre-bodied DLS has been built to celebrate the wide-bodied Porsche 934/5 endurance racer of the 1970s, which won six of the eight races in the 1977 SCCA Trans-Am race series.

Two cars will be produced for show at Goodwood and Car Week in California – one in Blood Orange, the other in Moet Blanc. The orange DLS, expected at Goodwood, has been built specifically for the track, with a bumper-width adjustable rear wing and front splitter.

The second car has been set up for the road, with a rear ducktail spoiler and tamer front bumper. Customers are able to choose to order their car in either configuration. 

The 964-generation 911-based sports car has drawn from learnings two previous Singer projects, the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS) and the Turbo Study.

Its aero-optimised bodywork has been designed for cooling what was already a powerful engine. It uses a central front intake, a vented bonnet and intakes on the rear fender, while Naca ducts in the body improve the cooling of the brakes and turbocharger.

Its 3.8-litre flat six has two turbochargers that each use electric wastegates, along with air-to-water cooling, which makes use of water to cool the engine and air to remove excess heat.

The modifications result in a 690bhp powerplant with a redline of 9000rpm. This power is directed to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. 

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