It’s only March, but Audi has already introduced several products. 2024 started with the updated Q7 in late January before the RS6 Avant GT arrived in early February. The revised S3 came along a few days later, followed by the normal A3 facelift last week. The first-ever Q6 E-Tron joined the fray a few days ago. But there’s much more to come later this year.

The 154-page Audi Report 2023 document mentions more than 20 new products will hit the market before the end of next year. Leading the way will be the A6 E-Tron pictured above in prototype guise. It’s arriving in the following months as a fully electric model based on the Premium Platform Electric. The PPE hardware has been co-developed with Porsche and has already underpinned the Q6 E-Tron and Macan. The new A6 E-Tron will be sold as a sedan (well, it’ll technically be a five-door hatchback) and as a wagon.  

In the year’s second half, Audi will take the wraps off the next-generation A5 lineup and the Q5. These models will ride on what the Four Rings refers to as the Premium Platform Combustion (PPC), which will be an evolution of the VW Group’s existing MLB architecture. The German luxury brand doesn’t mention the A4 at all, and that’s because it’s going away.

The A4 we know today will become the A5, leaving room in the lineup for a future electric-only A4 E-Tron. Audi doesn’t say whether there will be another sedan in this segment with combustion engines or whether the A5 Sportback will supersede the A4 Sedan. Spy shots have revealed the wagon will live to see another generation, so prepare for A5/S5/RS5 Avant models to be offered alongside the Sportback.

Car paparazzi haven’t seen any prototypes of an A5 coupe or a convertible but here’s hoping the two-door models are still planned. That said, the segment is shrinking, which is why Mercedes has fused the C-Class and E-Class coupe and convertible models to create the CLE.

The Q5 will enter its third generation in 2024, and just like the upcoming A5, it’s getting a new family of “highly efficient” combustion engines with plug-in hybrid power. These will be the last ICE developments from Audi since the brand intends to launch its final cars with conventional powertrains in 2026. Every new launch after will be an EV because the company wants to go purely electric by the end of 2033.

Meanwhile, here are some of the other models we think are coming out by late 2025. There should be a Q3 compact crossover successor, a facelifted RS3 hot hatch/sedan duo, a Q6 E-Tron Sportback with a rakish roofline, an electric A8 sedan replacement, and a Q9 three-row SUV.

The A1 and Q2 won’t be renewed as Audi has announced that these models will be retired at the end of their life cycle The TT suffered the same fate last year when it was discontinued, with the R8 facing an imminent death as well.


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