This Ultra-Rare Bentley Turbo R Wagon Was Ordered New by the Brunei Royal Family


When money is no object and what’s out there doesn’t suit your taste, you order a coach-built vehicle that fits your requirements. That’s exactly what the Sultan of Brunei did in the 1980s and 1990s when he and his family spent several billions of dollars to buy more than 7,000 cars. This Bentley Turbo R Wagon conversion was one of them.

The family ordered 11 units at once, and this blue example is the last one built. The conversion was done by Robert Jankel Design, and aside from getting a longer roof, the Turbo R also received an all-wheel-drive system. Assembled in 1992, the posh wagon goes by the moniker Val-d’Isère, named after a commune in southeastern France known for its top-class ski resorts.

Legend has it that the wagon cost roughly 12 times more than a standard Turbo R, which sounds crazy considering the regular model wasn’t exactly cheap. Underneath the hood is the same turbocharged 6.75-liter V-8 with 296 hp and 487 lb-ft, but that power is sent to both axles instead of just the rear wheels.

This Bentley Turbo R wagon was recently pampered by a professional detailer, hence why it looks immaculate inside and out. It’s believed the striking two-tone interior takes after the color scheme of the Empire Hotel built as a palace by Prince Jefri, brother of the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah. However, the other 10 cars had different cabins, including one with a wild orange and red combo with stripes.

All of these Turbo R wagons were bathed in leather and wood. This final build is not as spacious behind the rear seats as it could’ve been, as a custom audio system eats into the cargo room. However, the roof rails borrowed from a Mercedes W123 wagon provide extra practicality.

Another neat fact about this particular Val-d’Isère is that it’s the only one no longer part of the Brunei Royal family’s vast collection, having been imported to the UK. The Wagon R wagon wasn’t the only custom-made Bentley. Some will remember the Dominator, an SUV launched decades before the Bentayga. The Sultan and his family reportedly commissioned 380 Bentleys, including elusive models such as the Buccaneer, Camelot, Java, Phoenix, Imperial, Rapier, Pegasus, Silverstone, and Spectre.

A yellow Dominator and Java appear in the video below, showing some of the cars that are part of an incredible collection.

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