Watch Every Ken Block Gymkhana Video in This Two-Hour Mega Compilation


April 3 has unofficially become Ken Block Day, so named in honor of the number 43 he carried throughout his racing career. To celebrate, the Hoonigan YouTube channel uploaded the biggest Ken Block Gymkhana video of all time. It’s not new footage, but rather a compilation of every single Gymkhana video in the series, grouped together for over two hours of nonstop tire destruction. And it’s absolutely glorious.

You’ve probably seen most or all of these videos before. Having them arranged in chronological order for one big compilation clip is certainly convenient, but there’s also some satisfying symmetry happening here. Block’s first Gymkhana Practice video hit YouTube in 2008, the early years of the platform and long before the Hoonigan channel was a thing. DC Shoes, the company Block co-founded, hosted several other clips, and you can still find them on the channel today. But having everything under the house of Hoonigan feels wholly appropriate.

So dive in and revisit 16 years of drifts, donuts, spins, jumps, near misses, near hits, and the sounds of tires being tortured to destruction. You’ll see two generations of the Subaru WRX, numerous iterations of the Ford Fiesta, both versions of the insane Hoonicorn, the Focus RS RX, Block’s first Escort Cosworth, the Hoonitruck, and the last car he thrashed, the Audi S1 E-Tron Hoonitron. His exhibitions spanned the globe, garnering hundreds of millions of views on YouTube while influencing a generation of racers. And it all started with a simple testing session in a 2006 WRX at a decommissioned military base in California.

It’s worth noting that the compilation video features all the official Gymkhana performances, including the Climbkhana hill climbs. But you won’t find Block’s Top Gear appearances for obvious reasons. You also won’t find extras like the quirky Gymkhana 2.1 filmed with Rob Dyrdek, but the video does include Footkhana—a fun competition between Block and soccer star Neymar Jr. that you might have missed.

Is there a particular Gymkhana adventure that stands out the most for you? Jump into the comments and let us know your favorite Block moments.

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