Watch Mercedes Drift The Electric G-Class on a Frozen Lake


Mercedes-Benz promises the forthcoming EQG—also known as the electric G-Class—is a proper off-roader. There’s little reason to doubt the claim given that it looks almost exactly like the ICE model. With each wheel getting its own motor, the electric version could be more capable, with the ability to pull off stationary tank turns. Those individual motors are also good for getting comfortably sideways should you come upon a frozen lake in Sweden.

In this new video from Mercedes-Benz, CEO Ola Källenius journeyed to his home country for an electric G evaluation, demonstrating the G-Class’s capabilities at a winter testing center set up by the company. There, he tackles a slalom and skidpad, where the SUV seems composed, despite all the snow and ice.

The real action comes on the skidpad, where Källenius explains how the individual motors can vector the EQG to keep it under control when slip is detected. Even when goading it into significant oversteer, things appear calm in the cockpit. After an acceleration test on ice (which Mercedes says takes “just a few seconds”) Källenius jumps into more sideways fun. It’s unclear if stability systems are adjusted or even disabled for this portion of the video, but the big G has no problem sustaining plenty of opposite lock.

The video concludes with a short trail ride off the lake, where we get a few technical teasers. The electric G-Class has a 32-degree approach angle and a 35-degree departure angle, slightly better than the current model. There’s 9.8 inches of ground clearance too, also a few tenths better versus the ICE version.

It’s been a minute since Mercedes first floated the electric G-Class with the EQG concept. Thankfully the production model will debut this year, though a specific timeframe hasn’t been shared. Until then, expect a few more teasers leading up to the official reveal.

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