The $25,000 Jeep EV Is Real and It’s Coming to the US



Jeep is fully embracing electrification. The company already offers a few hybrids in the United States and will launch its first battery-electric vehicle for America later today. The brand will soon expand with a $25,000 EV, which Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares said will arrive “very soon.”

Tavares revealed the mysterious model during Wednesday’s Bernstein 40th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference. He said the company will use its expertise in designing the €20,000 Citroën e-C3 ($21,687 at today’s exchange rate) to help launch the affordable Jeep EV in America because “we are a global company, and this is totally fluid across the engineering world of Stellantis.”

A $25,000 electric Jeep would be the brand’s third EV for the US. It’ll follow the Wagoneer S, aimed at Grand Cherokee buyers, and the off-road-oriented Recon later this year. Its boxy design doesn’t hide its Wrangler influences, which include removable doors and other rugged features.


Tavares didn’t offer details beyond the model’s price and vague arrival date. Stellantis has a range of new platforms that could underpin the EV, but if it’s taking cues from Citroën, we suspect it’ll share bits with the new e-C3 to keep costs down.

The Citroën isn’t powerful, riding on Stellantis’ Smart Car Platform with a 111-horsepower electric motor. It can travel up to 199 miles based on Europe’s forgiving test cycle. However, it’s unclear if that platform will underpin the new Jeep. The Recon and Wagoneer S ride on Stellantis’ STLA Large architecture.


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