The new Toyota 4Runner is coming soon. Today, we get our first official look at the forthcoming SUV. Toyota shared a teaser image on its Instagram account that shows the off-roader’s back end with the 4Runner badge front and center.

The image doesn’t reveal much, but we can see a silver rear fender, a tow hitch, and a tiny corner of the left taillight. Even in this very guarded image, it’s clear the new 4Runner will have some of the same angular cues as the 2024 Land Cruiser—even the blue paint looks identical.


The 4Runner badge is also lower down on the tailgate than before. The script used to sit just below the Toyota badge, now it’s nearly at the base of the tailgate. The font of the 4Runner logo, though, looks the same.

The caption doesn’t hint at when we might see the new 4Runner, but the rumor is it could debut in just a few weeks. The SUV is expected to go on sale later this year as a 2025 model. We’ve reported that the 4Runner should have the same engine options as the new Tacoma; a turbocharged four-cylinder that makes anywhere from 228 to 278 horsepower. A more powerful i-Force Max option is also possible.

We’ll know more about the new Toyota 4Runner when it debuts in a few weeks. 


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